Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

A night rating removes the time pressure of last light when flying cross-country.

It allows you to fly an aircraft at night in fair weather conditions. You will be able to fly your family and friends over the city lights and return home after dark.

It can be accomplished during the CPL course and can be achieved separately as well, a very handy add on after a Private Pilots Licence.  A great rating to achieve if looking to get a CPL and Instructor rating in the future
Approximate costs below based on a Piper Warrior 3:

NVFR (based on Piper Warrior 3 rates) 
10 hours dual @ $355 per hour3,550
3 hours solo @ $255 per hour765
12 landings @ $15 per landing180
Flight Test inc Aircraft 1,290
Total Estimated Cost

Introductory Flight

If you are really keen to see what learning to fly is all about then this flight gives you an excellent introduction.

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