Points to ponder from the Bald Iggle

Notes and hints from our CFI

Who was the Bald Iggle? In the 1950's and 60's the cartoonist Al Capp was drawing the popular comic strip Li'l Abner, an entertaining comic for the young a political satire for the more mature, featuring the Yokum Family and their associates set in the Village of Dogpatch Kentucky.

Among the various villains, charlatans and political greasy pole climbers who frequented Dogpatch such as Moonbeam McSwine, Evil-Eye Fleegle and Lonesome Polecat, the Bald Iggle represented Truth, Virtue and Wisdom. The Bald Iggle would fixate upon you with large eyes and encourage you to stop, think and ponder.

You are encouraged to do the same, have a read of the download links at the right of the page, some great info to ponder over..

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If you are really keen to see what learning to fly is all about then this flight gives you an excellent introduction.

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Minimum Radius Turns

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Balls to the Wall

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Rules of Thumb

A guide to bush flying.

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To Go or Not To GO?

Making the decision and what to assess if the outcome is not what we expected

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