Converting RA-Aus Certificates

Converting an RA-Aus Certificate to a CASA GA licence is easy to do.

Converting an RA-Aus Certificate to a CASA GA licence is easy to do.

 For RA-Aus Pilots, who hold their Pilot Certificate, gaining a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL-A) or Private Pilot License (PPL-A) is a fairly straight forward process.


Licence Conversions- from RA-Aus to RPL (A)
A pilot certificate is equivalent to an RPL. To get your RPL you need to complete an application form, and follow the instructions on the form to provide evidence of your pilot certificate, submit a recent photograph and provide appropriate proof of your identity. You also need to undertake a flight review before you can use your license. 

Your new licence grants you the relevant category rating, aircraft class rating and design feature endorsements. You are also granted a recreational navigation endorsement if your pilot certificate authorizes you to conduct cross-country flights and if you meet the minimum flight times. 


Licence Conversions - from RA-Aus to PPL (A)

The basic requirements for converting to a CASA PPL are;

   At least 17 years of age

   Holds a Flight Operator Radiotelephone Licence(overseas acceptable)

   Competent in English - writing, speaking and understanding

   Holds an Australian ASIC 

Aeronautical Experience:

To be eligible for a Private Pilot Licence, pilots are required to have at least 40 hours total flight time as a pilot, which must include:

   At least 5 hours of general flight time as pilot in command

   At least 5 hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command

   At least 2 hours of instrument flight time

All RA-Aus flying hours are transferrable (ie; can be included in the 40 hours), however the minimums must be met in order to undertake a PPL Flight Test in a powered aircraft.

Process Description.

The process for converting to a PPL licence is as follows:

1.  Complete the ARN application form

2.  Read and comply with the requirements for issue of an ASIC and then complete the form. 

3.  Lodge 1 and 2

4.  Obtain an Australian English Language Proficiency standard.

6.  Undertake the in-house BAK exam and pass

7.  Sit and pass the Private Pilot Licence CASA exam

8.  Pass a PPL flight test with ATO or CASA FOI

On completion of the flight test, complete the PPL application form and FROL application form

Please note:

When converting an RA-Aus licence, you MUST meet the requirements for a CASA RPL before continuing your training to the PPL stage. When starting at a new school, students should book a flight in with a Grade I Flight Instructor or Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) to see where their standard of flying is at.

An applicant wishing to convert to a PPL must pass the BAK exam, as well as all necessary solo exams before sitting their PPL Exam. This must also be completed before a student can be sent solo in a GA powered aircraft.

The instructor can then progress your training along to the PPL flight test once you are comfortable handling a powered aircraft (this can be done through general handling exercises in the training area, circuits or navigational exercises).



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