Multi Engine Endorsement

Take your flying to the next level by obtaining your Multi-Engine Endorsement with Sydney Aviators.

Expand your horizons by completing a Multi Engine Endorsement with Sydney Aviators. This endrosement will allow you to operate high performance aircraft with twin engines. Training for this endorsement will be conducted in a Beechcraft Duchess and will set the foundations for future aircraft endorsements.
(Beechcraft Baron may be used also, subject to availability and different costs apply)

This course includes 7 hours of flying as well as theory briefings delivered by an experienced grade 1 flight instructor. You'll gain an in depth understanding on the key operational differences between single engine and multi engine aircraft as well as develop the critical skills necessary to handle emergencies in multi engine aircraft.

Multi Engine Endorsement (Duchess Rates) 
7 hours dual @ $535 per hour$3,745
7 landings @ $24 per landing$168
Total Estimated Cost$4,273

Introductory Flight

If you are really keen to see what learning to fly is all about then this flight gives you an excellent introduction.

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