Aircraft Hire

Aircraft Hire - Private Hire

For Private pilots holding an Australian Private or Commercial licence, hiring an aircraft from Sydney Aviators for anything over a day hire is even easier.

Attached to this webpage is an Aircraft Hire Form, which you are simply required to send back to us with an attached Credit Card Authority.This will provide us with all details of your proposed trip, including aerodromes and expected flight times. 

Upon booking, a 50% deposit of the proposed flight time is payable. Upon return, any fuel that you have paid for either by personal credit card or cash, will be refunded to you at the current Sydney Aviators Bankstown fuel rate at the time of hire. Then, you simply pay the balance of the flight.

All private hire is charged out at a VDO rental rate. You will be charged for any landing fees and overnight parking that may be incurred whilst the aircraft is under your hire and payable upon return to Bansktown.

If you are a student at Aviators, then hiring is not a problem. However, if you are not a regular Aviator with us, then you must complete a Company Check flight before you can Private Hire any aircraft online with Sydney Aviators. 

The check flight

The purpose of this check flight is to check both the pilot's ability to fly the aircraft, their navigation skills, as well as their understanding of Australian procedures and airspace structure.  Depending on your skills and experience the check flight will generally take around two hours.

Check flights are an additional cost, not represented in the Aircraft Hire Form.

Solo $0.00 Per hour

Dual $0.00 Per hour

Landing Fees $0.00

Additional fees and services may apply.

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